5 Giveaway Products that Match Your Cannabis Brand Jim Doyon 03/04/2022

5 Giveaway Products that Match Your Cannabis Brand

5 Giveaway Products that Match Your Cannabis Brand

When it comes to marketing and promoting your cannabis brand, you can’t just put your logo on anything. It needs to be thought out and the product needs to match your brand identity.

If you are looking for some promotional marketing ideas or branded giveaways that match your cannabis brand’s image, then please continue reading. We will go through 5 branded products that can be used as giveaways and will get people talking about your Cannabis business.  At the very least, we hope to get your creative juices flowing and help you to spend your marketing budget on products that will be impactful and match your brand identity. If you are looking for professional expertise, make sure to set up a 15-minute consultation and we can help guide you in the right direction. 

Whether it’s vendor days, giveaways at your dispensary, or providing influencers with physical goods to give to their fans, promoting your brand to the right audience and with the right product is critical.

We often see brands with the mentality that buying 5,000 cheap tchotchkes to hand out to everyone is the best way to get their brand message across. When in reality, we see a greater return with brands spending more per item, and buying less, but giving away a product that really resonates with their target market. Think about it…. would you be more willing to go to a dispensary or spread the word about a brand when you received a cool, useful, logoed gift? Or would you go to the one that gave you a cheap product that broke the first time you used it? I’m going with option A.

Here are five products we think would work well with any brand, depending on the quality you choose to purchase. The messaging, design, and quality of each of these products will vary based on your brand. If you need help in making sure your logo, identity, or messaging are clear please reach out. We will be happy to help.

Custom branded socks.

Comfortable, cost-effective, and the ability to share your message while your client is relaxing and enjoying your product. 

Socks are also a great product to offer for retail.

Custom key chain

You can get creative here. Multi-use keychain, shaped to your logo or with a brand message.

A Keychain is something that your client will have on them wherever they are and is a good conversation starter.

This is also a good option as a branded product you could also sell retail.

Air freshener

 Your logo or a custom shape and scented with a fragrance distinct to your brand.

Anytime your customer jumps in their vehicle they will think of your brand.

Shirt, hat, or other branded wearable merchandise

There are limitless merchandise possibilities to use for giveaways.

The important thing to remember is that the blank product, the print style, and the messaging must match your brand.

Don’t buy a cheap, uncomfortable tee that nobody wants to wear.

The possibilities for branded giveaway merchandise for your cannabis brand are endless. In the end, the goal shouldn’t be to just give away a cheap product to anyone you see. Make the most out of what you giveaway. Use them to reward your best clients. Use them to give to the perfect customer that fits your demographic. Use them to thank someone who has purchased or is looking to purchase. Give them to the person that is constantly telling others about your brand. 

When giving away branded merchandise, it’s important to make an impact with each potential client that comes across your path. Make a good impression and they spread your message for you, visit you to buy your goods, and start a relationship that turns your company into a lifestyle brand.