Woodward Movement – About dwoodwardmovement 02/06/2020

Building Brands Since 2007

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From a basement in Metro Detroit to a 10,000 square foot office.

The first time we grew our small business into a worldwide apparel company was a lot of fun. We did the branding, the apparel design, and all the promotional materials ourselves in-house – and it taught us everything we know. 

It was in this experiment-gone-right we discovered exactly what it takes to make a homegrown idea into a lifestyle brand: When every element clearly communicates your company’s vision, you can’t go wrong. 

Every logo, t-shirt, package designs, flier and hat is an opportunity to make a good impression. And with that our mantra, Woodward Movement’s clients have been making a great impression for years. 

From InkAddict to Woodward Movement
InkAddict Founded

In a basement in Metro Detroit. Took an idea and turned it into a lifestyle brand.

InkAddict Office

10,000 sq. ft. office and production facility shipping out hundreds of packages a day.

Worldwide Brand

Retailed our brand in 300+ retail stores in over 25 countries with a website of 5,000 skus.

Woodward Movement Started

Companies wanted us to do what we did for InkAddict for their brand. This is how it started.

Sold InkAddict

After 13 years of growing the brand with 10,000+ customers it was time to let our baby go.

300+ Satisfied Customers

We have worked with small business owners to Fortune 100 companies throughout the US.

Brand Creation
Merch Design
Promotional Material

You’re moving in the right direction.