2019 Favorites

by Mike Mueller


2019 was a great year for Woodward Movement. While we couldn't list all of the 300+ companies we worked with this year, we wanted to take a moment and showcase just a few of our favorite projects from 2019. 



Hustle Butter is a 100% vegan replacement for all petroleum-based products used as tattoo lubricants Before, During, and After the tattoo process. When Hustle Butter was ready to design a new website, they trusted Woodward Movement, thanks to the long relationship they’ve had with our sister company, InkAddict . The new website needed to capture the essence of Hustle Butter, and now the new layout is as smooth as...well, butter. Their hashtag says “You Can’t Knock the Hustle” and now, you can’t knock their website, either!


Recreating our own website was a true labor of love. With all the website and e-commerce services we provide, we knew our own website needed to be a reflection of who we are. 



When creating a Football Club’s logo, so much needs to be taken into consideration. In order to capture everything that the Flint City Bucks represent, their logo needed all of the elements that are fundamental to the image of the team. From the year they were established, to the arches of downtown Flint, to the arrowhead highlighting the deeply rooted history of Native Americans within Flint’s origins, there was a lot going into this design. Putting everything into a great logo was definitely a challenge, but we stepped up and created a great, classic image that will stand the test of time.

1. High Score - Creating this logo was almost as fun as the gaming experience you have when you go to High Score! High Score was looking for more of a “street style” logo to go with the new apparel line they are about to put out. The logo we created for them gives that street vibe, while also encompassing a classic gaming council “power button” look to the “O”.

2. LIV- A marijuana dispensary located in Ferndale, MI reached out to us to create their logo. Medical marijuana is a modern concept, and we wanted to make sure the design was as modern and “with the times” as the company themselves. Sometimes, less is more, and this simple, sleek design shows the power of negative space and what a few powerful lines can really do. 



Fun. Festive. Detroit. Those are the words that come to our mind when we think Mo Pop Festival. For the 2019 edition, we were thrilled to create the shirts, jackets, hats, blankets, bandanas, and socks that set the tone for the whole “uniquely Detroit” event.

1. InkAddict - InkAddict is the tattoo lifestyle clothing line. The success of InkAddict laid the groundwork for Woodward Movement. This past year, we created some of our all-time favorite InkAddict designs. 

2. Gridlife - #Gridlife is a first of its kind hybrid music and automotive festival, blending the culture of both music and motorsports together into one high energy weekend experience. We knew that we needed a design and garment that was as high-octane as the #Gridlife experience itself.

3. Threads - Threads is a company within the Quicken Family of Companies, and focuses on all the gear for the different Family of Companies. This past fall, we were able to create some wonderfully cozy hoodies celebrating Motown.

4. Greyson Clothiers - Greyson prides itself on pioneering innovative products through superior tailoring and construction. Greyson is definitely a fashion-forward company with its finger on the pulse of the golf world. We were proud to produce a “Detroit original” 313 design that really stood out on the course.



The promotional bundle that we put together for Liv was definitely a highlight of 2019. The tray, grinder, lighter, and rolling papers all fit perfectly in a backpack for a great (and portable) promotional package.

1. Blakes Hard Cider - One of the more unique items we did this year was a customized Blake’s Beach Ball for 2019 Pride. A clear beach ball filled with rainbow-colored confetti was definitely a hit everywhere it went.

2. Lyft - We were proud to team up with Lyft and create some excellent scarves for 2019 Pride. Nearly 60,000 people attended Pride festivals in the Metro-Detroit area, creating an excellent opportunity for Lyft to get their name out in front of so many potential customers.

3. AEG Presents - AEG Presents is Detroit’s Premier Concert Promoter. This year, for their holiday party, they wanted to give their hard-working employees an ultra-slick black-on-black design for their water bottle.

4. Billhighway - When Billhighway was going to a conference, they wanted some cool giveaways that were not only functional, but also reminded people of who they were. As a tech-forward team who is often on the go, charging cubes and protein shakers were a natural fit.



The Forbes Under 30 Summit celebrated some of the best young leaders, founders, and creators from all over the United States and Canada. Woodward Movement worked with Quicken Loans and Carhartt to create an immersive experience for the hunderds of guests at the Forbes Under 30 Summit by screen printing a unique design on a Carhartt tee for the attendees to take home.

1. Threads - For the launch of their Spring collection, Threads wanted to do something different. Instead of just giving out the clothing to their Family of Companies and giving a slideshow presentation, they showed them first-hand how all of their awesome clothing is made by doing a live screen printing demonstration for the employees. 

2. Design Core Detroit - Woodward Movement teamed up with Design Core Detroit to put on a special attraction at Eastern Market After Dark. Woodward Movement was honored to help attendees commemorate this special occasion with custom tote bags and t-shirts that the guests had a hand in making themselves. 



When Grammy-nominated artist Earl Sweatshirt came to Saint Andrew’s Hall in April, we had the privilege of printing one of the coolest posters of 2019. We could talk all day about how awesome it is, but instead we’ll let the artwork speak for itself!

We've done so many amazing flatstock prints at Woodward Movement, that we had a hard time narrowing down our favorites. These are just a few of the posters that line our walls here in the office. As you can see, we're very proud of our work. 

Desiree's Favorite Project


“This was my favorite project of the year because my client came to me with a broad idea and trusted me to come up with something great. They needed giveaway items for a few Pride events they were attending and wanted me to find something unique for them. After digging around for a while, I found this super cool clear beach ball with rainbow confetti inside it. I was so excited about it! It's something I would love to get from my favorite brand so I knew this would go over huge with their demographic. They loved it and it went over really well at their events. When I'm able to put in the extra time and get excited about a project it brings about amazing results for my clients.”