Community Support to help during Coronavirus

Community Support to help during Coronavirus

You are the community that allows us to do what we do. 

With that sense of community and strong bond in mind, we wanted to figure out a way we could help during this difficult time. 

For the past couple years we have been printing and sourcing merchandise for our favorite local restaurants, bars, fitness centers, boutiques, coffee shops, festivals and so much more....All who are being affected right now.

As small business owners, we know every little bit of income helps. Our solution is to launch a website with a couple items from each company. Offering gift cards and other branded merchandise that is otherwise just sitting on shelves, unsold, until this virus passes and our businesses are able to open once more. 

If you are a business and have been affected by the coronavirus, we would be happy to help. Here is the form you need to fill out. 

If you are looking to support the community you can shop on the dedicated store page and help a small business.