New Logo. New Website. New Services

New Logo. New Website. New Services

Why The Tune Up?

We just felt it was time for a change. Woodward Movement started in 2016 because people wanted us to replicate what we were doing at InkAddict for their brand or company. For a couple of years, we turned down project after project, but figured why not. Jim and I both enjoy working on new concepts and this has allowed us to keep things fresh every time we work with a new partner. Over the past three years the company has evolved from just printing on tees to taking a concept, designing a logo, creating an e-commerce store, printing, and fulfilling their orders. We are a one-stop shop and we do it all in-house, so we can monitor the quality of everything before it leaves our doors. 



What Does The Logo Represent?

The logo plays into us having our HQ on Woodward Avenue. So the logo represents a street sign and the colors resemble the road with white being the stripes. 



What Services Do You Offer?



How It Works?