Spring/Summer Top 10 Promotional Items 2020 (under $5)

by Jess Thibodeau

Spring is in the air here in the Detroit area. In Southeastern Michigan, we survived a relatively mild winter that started off cold and snowy early in November, and then barely showed its face again. Currently, as I write this blog it is a rare, sunny spring like weekend here in Ferndale, touching a near 50 degrees in February, as we quickly approach Spring. Laugh and judge if you will, but it is a tempting gesture to get off the couch, break out the shorts and flip flops and just be that guy, owning every minute of it...

With the Spring and Summer months approaching quickly (while also somehow not coming soon enough), we begin to shift our seasonal focus towards outdoor events and activities. There are almost an unlimited amount of opportunities to bring your brand outside to interact and communicate in person with your potential customer. From street fairs, markets, and festivals, to golf outings, boating, camping and bbqing, people in the Midwest and across the country are out making the most of their warm sunny weather while it lasts.

With all these things in mind, and with glorious, unbridled enthusiasm and love for our beautiful Michigan Spring and Summer, here are our top 10 Spring/Summer Promotional Items for 2020 (under $5).

**click here for our expanded list of recommended Spring/Summer 2020 promotional products.**

Note: these are not necessarily ranked 1-10, just 10 of some of our favorites....

1.Folding Neoprene Can Holder With Lanyard
We know what you’re thinking… Koozies??? It’s been done a thousand times over.. Yes, yes it has. BUT there is a reason for that, and that is because people love them. Everyone can always use a beverage holder that 1. Keeps your hand dry (or warm in the cold months), 2. Keeps your beverage insulated. So what makes THIS koozie so special you ask?? It has a convenient lanyard strap for your neck obviously. So now, not only can you accomplish the two aforementioned great things, you are now hands free to literally do just about anything: clap your hands, hold hands, ride a bike, snap a picture, or slap a high five, I could go on and on.. Great for festivals, concerts, traveling, hiking, sporting events, or just everyday meanderings out in your neighborhood.

Why else is the Koozie a hard to miss promotional item: 1. Functional (people will use it, immediately!) 2. Transferable (I’ve had and loaned out so many koozies, they change hands often, and you never know where they will end up!) 3. Relatively cheap, low quantities

Folding Neoprene Can Holder With Lanyard

Description: It fits most water bottles, travel mugs, beer bottles, canned drinks, beverage glasses and more, use it for walking, hiking or more outdoor activities.

Material: Neoprene

: 500

Price: $2.97

Includes: One Location, One Color Print. Free Shipping in the US.

2.Flex Water Bottle with Neoprene Insulator
We love the Flex Water Bottle w/ Neoprene Insulator. Why??? You asked… Like the koozie, the neoprene insulator keeps your water cold. Reusable! Fill it, refill it, refill it again… Packable! Fold it up, put it in your pocket, when it's empty, bust it out and refill it when you need re-hydrating. It also comes with a carb so you can hook it to your belt, backpack, or whatever you got. It’s great for hiking, camping, festivals, exercise, and travel. It is also an environmentally conscious promotional item!

Flex Water Bottle with Neoprene Insulator

Description: This flex water bottle with neoprene insulator is a great way to quench a thirst for your brand! This 16 oz. bottle is available in several different colored grips, and the bottle itself is made from BPA-free PVC plastic and features an easy-to-use pull-open top. It can be frozen to keep water cold, and it comes with a handy carabiner clip and an elastic front pocket. Customize with a brand imprint for an enticing corporate gift or incentive. Dishwasher safe.

Material: Nylon - PE - PET - Neoprene

: 100

Color Options: Black/Grey, Blue, Yellow/Green, Red

Price: $3.48

Includes: One Location, One Color Print. Full Color Print Option.

3.Waterproof Touch Screen Sports Fanny Pack For Phone
What do people like to do after being shacked up inside all winter, possibly putting on a little extra winter weight (I know I did!)? They like to get outside, exercise, and be healthy. This slim little fanny pack has a clear touch screen with earphone hole making it great for working out.. It is also waterproof, making it great for the beach.. Oh, and it’s clear too, so don’t worry you can bring it into the stadium or concert you’re going to without any issues. It’s also a nice slim, sleek design, so don’t worry about the bulk of a regular hip sack or purse.

Waterproof Touch Screen Sports Fanny Pack For Phone

Description: Made of Polyester. With separate clear touch screen front pocket for phone, size fits 5" and 4.7". Zippered main pocket for other small things like cash, cards, key chain and so on. There is an earphone hole for listening to music or answering calls during exercise. It features a bulit in slot ear on left or right side. The translucent touch screen can let you use phone without taking out. Also Sweat-proof and rain-proof, keep your valuables dry while you exercise (but not fully waterproof). With adjustable elastic belt, comfortably around your waist. Your logo is available.

Material: Polyester

: 500

Color Options: Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Green, Pink, Black

Price: $2.48

Includes: One Location, One Color Print.

4.Rainbow Pride Slap Bracelet
Pride + fun throwback nostalgia promotional gift that parents and kids alike will get a kick out of??? I’m not sure what else to say, if you still need convincing perhaps you have found yourself on the wrong blog page..

Rainbow Pride Slap Bracelet

Description: Slap an outstanding gift onto your next promotional campaign with this rainbow pride slap bracelet! Measuring 8 3/4" and available in several different base colors, this eye-catching wearable can be customized to your liking - include a full-color imprint of your company logo, message and more to make a lasting brand impression. What an outstanding giveaway for LGBTQ pride events, parades, school spirit nights and so much more!

Material: Plastic

: 204

Color Options: Various

Price: $1.78

Includes: One Location, One Color Print.

5.Tekbook With SPF 30 Credit Card Sunscreen
FACT: No one likes getting sunburn. And almost all of us can think of at least one time or another they wish they had some sunscreen on them. Function, reusability, slim and packable, transferable, and lots of room for an added promotional message or offer. Non industry specific, no matter what your business or event this item can get your message across in a unique and useful way.

Tekbook With SPF 30 Credit Card Sunscreen

Description: Have a new or improved product or service? Serve it up to potential customers and supporters with the duo of a colorful informational booklet and credit card-sized packet of SPF 30 sunscreen. This 2.5" x 3.875" booklet is available in single or double fold designs, and the packet is 3.42" x 2.18" and has an invigorating tropical scent. The content of the booklet is up to you - so begin with artwork, or focus on contact information, coupons, QR codes or other content. This set is the perfect giveaway to introduce products and services or maintain the profile of an existing brand. It's great for grand openings, trade shows, seminars or welcome promotional packets.

Material: Plastic

: 150

Color Options: Translucent Frost

Price: $3.80

Includes: Double Fold Booklet, 2 Color Print

6.Super Dry Cooling Towel
It’s called a “Super Dry Cooling Towel” - It sounds awesome, and it is. Naturally cool yourself on a hot summer’s day, at the beach, at the gym, golfing, at a festival, doing yard work, or just out for a bike ride. There are plenty of uses for this above average towel. It’s small, lightweight, and packable. Convenient, cool.

Super Dry Cooling Towel

Description: It is soft and comfortable around the neck or as a head bandana, it also keeps you cool and reduces hot flashes for a couple of hours. It has the superpower of sweat absorbent and can let you get rid of the sticky feeling from the sweat to feel more comfortable.1. Easy to wash(You can wash microfiber towels without detergent);2.Very soft, high purity, easy dyeing, it doesn't shrink easily;3.Excellent ability to absorb dust and oil, Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch;4.Excellent water absorption; 5.More Durable than other fabrics.

Material: Microfiber

: 200

Color Options: Blue, Green, White, Orange, Purple, Gray

Price: $2.31

Includes: 1 Color, 1 Location Print

7.Paper Folding Fans
Fan your face with a little bit of geisha class. These folding fans are a great little promotional item that people will enjoy and have a little fun with. Folded out there is plenty of room for an impactful promotional message that can be in full color, and will be an eye catching attention grabber while in use. Which will be often in the dog days of summer.

Paper Folding Fans

Description: Folding Fans measure 9" in length and 15" in width when fully opened! Great for oriental party favors, craft projects or to keep guests cool for any occasion. Our light lime paper fans are quality hand crafted with natural bamboo ribbing, COLOR PROCESSING ON ONE SIDE. PRINTED ON HEAVY PAPER WITH ECO FRIENDLY BAMBOO RIBBING. DIGITALLY PRINTED FOR EXACT DETAIL.

Material: Paper & Bamboo

: 1000

Color Options: Any, Full Color

Price: $1.86

Includes: Shipping, Full Color Process Print

8.Recipe Bookmark
One of my personal favorites. Paper bookmarks that come with seeds. This one in particular comes with a recipe for the specific seeds that you will be planting. Other flower and plant options are available. Customers will appreciate your beautifying brand message with these functional bookmarks. Great for craft fairs, flea markets, real estate, restaurants, and education. Consider this promotional seed planted.

Recipe Bookmark

Description: Unique bookmark features your full color message on front with vibrant herb seeded paper insert and recipe and planting instructions on back. Grow the herbs, make the recipe and save the bookmark.

Material: Paper

: 125

Color Options: Full Color

Price: $2.17

Includes: Full Color, One Location Print

9.Phone Holder With Speaker Function
This little phone amplifier is a winner. Perfect for the beach, golf course, picnics or even the office. Easily pack it, don’t worry about sand or water, no batteries needed! Easily amplify your phone when you want better sound levels and quality, but don’t necessarily need all your neighbors to hear it too.

Phone Holder With Speaker Function

Description: Get your brand campaign amped up for your next promotional event when you offer this phone holder with speaker as a client gift! Make your phone music or videos sound loud and clear when you place your phone in the speaker holder stand - which is suitable for a 0.6-1cm thickness smart phone in an 8 x 2.3cm size. The speaker doesn't need a Bluetooth or electrical connection to amplify your phone sound. Add your company name or logo and the blaring word gets around about your brand with this great phone holder speaker!

Material: Plastic

: 200

Price: $2.84

Includes: One Color, One Location Print

10.Waterproof Picnic Beach Blanket
A beach, picnic, or lawn blanket that fits in your pocket. Get your brand message out with something small and convenient that also has function! (Are you seeing a trend yet?). Did you also take note that these blankets won’t collect sand or dirt all over your car? What a nice branded giveaway people won’t curse you, but rather praise you about later because their car isn't dirty and sandy.. Also.. Corner grommets so it can be used for shade too.

Waterproof Picnic Beach Blanket

Description: Hit the beach, enjoy a picnic, outdoor concert or camping trip with this generous blanket. This 27.5 " x 43" tarp is made of resilient, tear-resistant and waterproof 210T Oxford cloth. It sports corner pockets, tie loops for secure mounting, and folds up to take with you in its own storage sack. Choose from blue, black, or orange, and add your school, club, charity or corporate logo or message through our silkscreen process to create a promotion that your customers and supporters can take with them when they're having fun.

Material: Oxford Cloth

: 200

Color Options: Blue, Black, Orange

Price: $4.91

Includes: One Color, One Location Print

11.(Bonus) SRANN 100% All Natural Insect Balm (10G)
Bonus round! Maybe it’s because we’re in Michigan and mosquito’s can really put a damper on your outdoor fun..  But have you ever been sitting somewhere, anywhere, your back yard, a friends, at nearly any number of outdoor activities outside of a city and wish you had some bug repellent?? We have! And we would have killed to have this SRANN 100% all natural insect balm that not only repels bugs, but also soothes bug bites and moisturizes. A triple threat!

SRANN 100% All Natural Insect Balm (10G)

Description: Soothe bug bites and skin irritations in a natural way with our 100% All Natural Insect Balm! An insect balm that harmoniously intertwines the purest of our freshly made ingredients. Our organic 100% All Natural Insect Balm works to moisturize and soften the skin, whilst keeping those bugs away & also soothing already irritated skin. The natural repellent is not only safe for your skin, but safe for the entire family. Keep you and your loved ones bite-free with this certified insect balm! Ingredients: Sesame Oil, Citronella Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Clove Oil, Phlai Oil, Beeswax Being happy, being SRANN In Thai, srann is a poetic word which means 'being happy'. We chose this name because we are very happy to make our products and hope to make our employees, farmers and customers happy also.

Material: Sesame Oil, Cironella Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Clove Oil, Phlai Oil, Beeswax

: 100

Price: $4.13

Includes: One Color logo, packaging, and shipping