Live Screen Printing

by Shopify API

Live Screen Printing: The Unique, Interactive Way to Brand at Your Event

Whether you are vending at a trade show, putting on a festival, doing a product launch, or just having a company picnic, live screen printing is a unique way to have your attendees engaged with this “event within an event.”

What is live screen printing and how is it achieved?

Simply put, Live Screen Printing is using a portable version of an industrial screen printing press and dryer. These devices allow screen printing experts to take the same quality of design achieved in a warehouse, and execute it at nearly any remote location.

Guests first select a garment, tote bag, journal, notebook, poster, etc. to have a branded design printed on. Then, they select which design they would like, and where they would like the design to be, all while interacting directly with the screen printer making their one-of-a-kind item. The item is then pressed and placed under a portable dryer where the ink is cured. After the ink is cured, the garment/item is able to immediately be used. It’s really that simple!

Why choose live screen printing?

There are several advantages to having Live Screen Printing at your event. First, it can help keep costs down, because you will not have to buy branded shirts in bulk, and potentially end up with a product that may not sell.

However, even more important than the bottom line is the knowledge that your guests will be empowered by the experience, and will have a positive memory anchored to your brand. Each person will walk away with a unique item that they themselves had a hand in creating. They get to interact with the screen printers, see their garment made right in front of their own eyes, and walk away with a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

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