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Woodward Movement

High-Filtration Efficiency Disposable Face Mask (Box of 50)

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These masks are ready to ship from Ferndale, MI. They are available in a box of 50 and are ready for shipment or pickup. These are sold unbranded and ready for wear. The more you order the more you save. 

This disposable face mask is made of non-woven fiber fabric with 3 layers, soft and breathable, provides an effective protect, and is comfortable to wear. Durable ear loops ensure a perfect fit for men and women. High filtration capacity can keep your face mouth covered and protected from germs, chemicals, dusk, bacteria, smoke and pollen. 6.90" L x 3.90" W

These Level 1 masks are 3-Ply. 

  • These are sold blank. 
  • 3-ply 
  • Complies with CE, FDA
  • 6.90" L x 3.90" W

These masks are NOT for medical use. They have no proven effectiveness against any viruses.