Selling Branded Merchandise is Key in Establishing a Lifestyle Cannabis Brand Jim Doyon 06/04/2022

Selling Branded Merchandise is Key in Establishing a Lifestyle Cannabis Brand

Selling Branded Merchandise is Key in Establishing a Lifestyle Cannabis Brand

When it comes to creating a lifestyle brand, you need to go to market with branded merchandise that your fans can use in their everyday lives. Products that are branded with your logo, icon, or identity, and not only speak your message but uphold your brand values.

You can’t just put your logo on anything. I mean you can… you just shouldn’t. It needs to be thought out and the product should match your brand.

Whether your business in the cannabis space involves cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution, dispensaries, or is vertically integrated, you have the ability to create more than just a business. You can create a sought-after brand. And a good way to do that is by adding your logo in a strategic way to products that are relatable to your customer and match with your brand.

Selling branded merchandise from shirts to rolling trays is one way to build a brand that becomes a lifestyle and establishes your place in the market as an industry leader. Your customers will remember you because they have something tangible. They will spread the message for you and become your biggest fans.

And don’t always think price first. If your product aligns with your brand values and brand identity, then there’s a good chance your customers will see value in what you’re offering and pay what you ask.

Often, brands think short-term and forget the importance of matching the products they sell with the brand they are trying to create. A cheap, uncomfortable shirt with a bad print job is often used to save money instead of spending a few more dollars to get a quality product that their customers will wear proudly. After one wash it gets thrown away, never to be seen again. …..This does not help your brand, you waste money, and you contributed to the landfill.

The bottom line. Your logo needs to stand out, but should also look good on the product you choose to put it on. Giving away branded merchandise is a solid way to bring awareness and drive new customers. But selling a product with your brand on it will not only bring awareness ( in the best way) to your brand, it will reward you with additional revenue. Think about what impact it could make if you put 10% of revenue back into your branded merchandise to either give away, or sell. I bet that would get a lot of eyes on your brand.

At Woodward Movement, we believe that creating a successful cannabis brand is more than having the best product, it’s about creating a lifestyle and connecting with your community. We help you create your brand identity, use physical products to spread your message, and implement technology to streamline and simplify your branded merchandise.

if you are looking to choose a partner that stands behind your cannabis brand and strives to grow it, then please contact us for a free consultation.

Creating a lifestyle brand should include branded products that fit your target customer’s lifestyle and improve the user experience along the way. Here are a few examples from our clients.

Retail Packaging

Make sure your brand’s personality shows through at all customer touchpoints. It’s not just about selling the product, but the overall user experience.

Think about how your product is packaged, and how a retail shopping bag can add that extra excitement for your customer.

Shopping bags we did for Pleasantrees. Photo from their ig. @wearepleasantrees Go give them a follow. 

Did you Include the Dog?

It’s not just about your customer. Think about what your customer is doing when at home or not shopping with you. What activities are they partaking in? What pet’s do they have?

Here is a leash and pet apparel project we did for LIV.

Photo from our friends @livferndale ig. Go give a follow. 


Merch that Fits

Custom Branded Jerseys and foam hands are one example of making sure the branded merchandise fits with your customer and for the event. This is when you get to have fun and put that extra thought into products that make an impact.

Manufactured for a specific event for our friends at JARS. Videos of the event show how incredible of a job they did spreading their brand footprint. Photo grabbed from their ig. Go give a follow @jars_life

Be Unique. Be You.

These branded slides with a fun message reflect the brands personality. These custom slides with the Left and Right on opposite feet are just one creative way we were able to match the brand with a retail product that speaks to the client.

Custom manufactured these slides for our partners over at Gud Nuff @gud.nuff

The possibilities for retail branded merchandise are endless. In the end, the goal shouldn’t be to just sell something with your logo on it. Create an experience. Develop and design a product that your client will purchase and show proudly to all their friends.

A lifestyle brand is more than just a logo. It is an experience your client can feel and see. If you are looking for a partner to assist your team with creating your lifestyle brand, schedule your consultation here.

If you aren’t currently looking at products to put your logo on for retail, but are looking for branded merchandise to giveaway at vendor days or at your dispensary, here’s an article that’s worth the read.